In the autumn of 2020, Guillaume, an active participant in Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu, began experiencing severe headaches. Initially diagnosed with a concussion, a shocking revelation came in February 2021 when he was found unresponsive. An emergency visit to the hospital revealed a baseball-sized tumour in his brain.

Alana Stories Featured


Alana is a wonderful young woman who had faced a number of health challenges in her short life. She was supported through these challenges with care and love from her family and friends. Alana felt connected to the ocean and beaches, and dreamed of going to Hawaii. 


The wonderful folks at YACC (Young Adult Cancer Canada) reached out to us to refer Forward Foundation’s latest recipient. Sarah is a fabulous young woman from Cambridge, Ontario who has been dealing with a significant, life-limiting illness. The gravity of her illness has impacted her social connectedness. 


When Jordan Slaman’s osteosarcoma made a reappearance after 7 years of remission, Jordan was determined to spend his days making cherished memories with his family and friends. Jordan proposed to his adoring then-girlfriend Krista and they were married shortly thereafter. He also served as the Best Man in his brother’s wedding.


Ann was referred to Forward Foundation by her friend Shannon. Shannon worked with West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation, a fairly new foundation based in Vancouver that supports kids with cancer and their families. Shannon had come across Forward Foundation and reached out about her dear friend Ann, a 30-year-old who had just been re-diagnosed with cancer for the sixth time in her life.


On Vancouver Island, a backyard oasis is being created for one young woman who has struggled with significant and serious illness for too long. Through Covid isolation, she has discovered a deepening love for, and connection with, nature. Her experience involves landscaping her safe space in her garden including a state-of-the-art chicken coop, a wired and plumbed greenhouse, and other features to allow her to spend time in reflection. She is also enjoying the space to connect further with her nieces.

Tamara O’Brien

Cancer in young adults is relatively rare, and so it came as a shock to Tamara O’Brien, a 22-year-old multiple-medal-winning trampoline gymnast. Tamara’s initial cancer diagnosis came just after she won the silver medal in women’s double mini-trampoline at the 2017 World Games.


Danika referred herself to Forward Foundation after being made aware of a previous recipient’s experience, as they had met through Young Adult Cancer Canada. Danika had been diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer and, as a previous world traveller, wanted to share an intimate trip with some of those closest to her in order to connect her community together.