Alana Stories Featured

Alana is a wonderful young woman who had faced a number of health challenges in her short life. She was supported through these challenges with care and love from her family and friends. Alana felt connected to the ocean and beaches, and dreamed of going to Hawaii. 

As her condition quickly found her in VGH’s Palliative Care Unit, Forward took Hawaii to her. With the blessing of staff, a Hawaiian-themed party was hosted on the patio with all the music, food, décor, and smiles associated with a Hawaiian theme.

Surprises such as 100 ladybirds for Alana to release brought her, her family, and her friends a beautiful memory, shared with sweet Alana. It was also her birthday, and one of her favourite treats that day was the scream cake that she requested. Before she passed away, Alana reached out to Forward to express how much fun she had, and that she was so grateful for Forward and its supporters.

Alana Cake