When Jordan Slaman’s osteosarcoma made a reappearance after 7 years of remission, Jordan was determined to spend his days making cherished memories with his family and friends. Jordan proposed to his adoring then-girlfriend Krista and they were married shortly thereafter. He was also elated to be the Best Man in his brother’s wedding before the disease began to quickly progress.

Forward Foundation learned of Jordan and his story when Krista shared with us Jordan’s desire to return to the East Coast and visit some of the impactful places Jordan had experienced throughout his young adult life. Jordan spoke highly of the friendships he made while attending boarding school and university in Ontario and Quebec. He credited his education at St. Andrew’s College and Bishop’s University for having a life-changing impact on his future. In the application for Forward Foundation, Jordan stated that he “would love the opportunity to travel there and relive some of the memories, and explain to my partner the places and experiences that are extremely meaningful to me. I would appreciate an opportunity to bring her to see what I saw in those establishments and maybe I would also see a few familiar faces along the way from years ago.”

Jordan went on to say that “going to St. Andrews for high school was where I first blossomed away from my difficult home life, and I later chose to attend Bishop’s University because it was known for having high student satisfaction and a great social community. These places were formative to my development as a young adult. I have talked often with my wife Krista about wanting to show her these formative places.“

In August 2022, Forward Foundation arranged for Jordan and Krista to travel to Quebec where they were reunited with friends. The couple spent time reminiscing about Jordan’s time at Bishop’s University, sharing laughs and memories. While Jordan knew he would have the opportunity to connect with some of his most influential professors, the amazing staff at Bishop’s University surprised him with an intimate graduation ceremony. After not being able to complete his degree in 2016 due to his first cancer diagnosis, the University presented Jordan with his degree in Computer Science – an unforgettable moment for everyone involved. Unfortunately, health complications delayed Jordan and Krista’s trip to St. Andrew’s in Aurora, Ontario but Jordan was determined to visit before heading home. Joined by Jordan’s brother and sister-in law, Jordan and Krista spent an afternoon touring the St. Andrew’s campus.

After returning home from their trip, Krista shared some touching sentiments. “There have been times in the past 6 or so months where Jordan didn’t feel like he really had much left to look forward to. This trip has been rejuvenating for him. He had something to get excited about and to work towards for the first time in a while. It’s been very special, and for me personally, deeply fulfilling to see him get that spark back. I’m getting all emotional now that we’ve accomplished what we set out to do.”

14 months after learning his previously-cured osteosarcoma had returned, Jordan passed away at the age of 30 on Wednesday September 21, 2022 with Krista by his side.